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Bargain Basement Videos

Queen Adrena's Bargain Basement Video's $30 per tape plus $3. postage, Buy Any  FOR $75.- including postage in the US - Outside US- $5. per video - we have to send one at a time for customs. Just because we have these tapes for a very low price does not make them bad tapes. Some of them are damn good. They just did not catch on for some reason.

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QB20.)"Matilda's Revenge" Matilda found her love slave, "little titty bear" with "Princess Mika" fooling around without her permission. She went mad and squashed them like little bugs. She lifted and slammed them, and strangled them both. She did her big belly flop on titty-bear & he caved in, surrendering. She finally gave them mercy if they would worship her feet properly. And they did kiss and massage her feet. She also demanded double breast worship. They also were forced to submit to Queen's tickling torture- see " Double Tickle Torture" for this.

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QB21) "Double Tickle Torture" Matilda had to punish her naughty niece 4’9" 110 lb Mika, & her little slave "Titty-Bear" for playing behind her back. She tied them on the crush bench, laid out flat, getting at their feet every chance she could get. They squealed like little piggies, they were being tickled so ravenously. Then Queen Matilda tied their wrists together, mercilessly tickling them from head to toe. She especially tortured their arm pits, their ears & necks at times, because these are really vulnerable spots for these two in-subordinates. Queen teased & tickled their toes & feet unendingly. Then she tied them standing up together where she uses feathers, and beads , her finger nails, her finger tips, and then she used ice cubes as her ultimate tickle torture. She applied the cold stinging cubes in all the most ticklish spots, until they both peed their pants. There is a lot of screaming and begging for mercy. The tickle laughter is non-stop.

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   QB19.) Super Boy's Test of Strength With Queen Kong In N.Y. City" Super Boy is 5'5" 135 lb. He wanted to Prove to his long admired Amazon Goddess that he could take all her submission holds, her head scissors, her squashing, her smothering, her trampling, her horsy riding, and all of her weight assimilating his tiny muscular body in all her sensual yet hungry for squashing flesh. Great size difference. And some lifting. QB18.) Giantess Fruit Salad Squish First Ariel & Sweet Feet Pose there exquisite feet above their slave as they Tower on tope of a coffee table looking down at you, there miniature male. This tape is wonderful just for this part of it. If you love "Ariel's size 13's. Then they go outside with viking boy and use him as there human banana split. They Squish Bananas, Kiwis, Strawberry's, Whip Cream & Chocolate all over viking boy, then they feed him their messy soles and toe

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QB17.) Pantied Punished & Sissified $30 Queen & Mistress Shelly teach their sissy boy how to dress in panties, & take his humiliating punishment. This is quite a good verbal humiliation for a sissy slut. We completely physically overpower the young man. We punish him for holding out on his secret panty stash and we force him into a pink French Maids uniform. We demand some delicious ass worship and we spank his ass hot and pink. We make him show off his hard pussy cock to us as we laugh at his excitement. We even put clothes pins on his tongue to torture him some more. QB16.) Slumber Party Trample Ariel, Lola & Sadie trample each other. The three have a slumber party where they walk on each other. They want to see what it is like to feel the erotic pressure that men feel when we walk on them. It is quite a site to behold to see Ariel's 30 lbs squish the two bimbos Lolita & Sadie. They do some face sitting on each other. They are dressed in sexy nightie's. Next time they will dominate one another more.

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QB15.) Tiny Titan's Wrestling School  the Giant Queen teaches the tiny girls Mika (4'9" 120 lb) & Cupie (5' 90 lb) how to wrestle (they have an ice cat fight) & then she lifts them, body slams them and scissors them & smothers them good. Queen squeezes them tightly in a double head lock. She loves capturing them into her double head scissors and chokes them nicely in her suffocating head scissors. QB14.) Stompin & Crushing Boot Camp (800 lbs.) Quadruple Crush & Stompin Party-Queen Adrena, Mistress. Magick, Princess Lola 5'10" 165 lb, & Princess Galaxy 5'6" 110 lb.  We just grabbed our young crush slave boy Duke (he's 5'10" & 190 lb strong boy), & threw him down on the ground & started walkin', stompin', crushin', & piling up as hard as possible. He’s truly strong taking our 800 lbs. with sublime surrender, upon his face, tummy, groin, Lots of group ass smothering & face sitting. We had the most wild & wicked time riding him like a horse, foot teasing him, stomping on & walking on his torso, smothering him with all our glorious ass's & panties, We all do some incredible dog piles.

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QB13.) Heel Poke Penance Double Heel Diggin Trouble. Queen Adrena Princess Galaxy decide its high time to poke the hell out of a low down two timing, cheatin boyfriend. Galaxy invites over the dog boy & teases him into thinkin he's gonna get laid. She ties him up, then invites Queen into the room to start kickin him & sadistically poking him with their heels everywhere. They turn him into a carpet to stomp, crush & poke the hell out of, throwing a rug over him & using him thoroughly, squishing him flat as a pancake with Galaxie's 5" spikes & Queen's full 300 lbs. of heel poking. Face standing, crotch standing, face sitting, & cock teasing Humiliation. Lots of foot standing with Queen & Galaxie. QB12.) Foot Stomping Odyssey Featured in "Leg Show" Queen & Mika demand foot & heel worship, Mika learns how to walk in heels on slave eddie. This is a very interesting look as the re-emergence of the Queen into her position as a demanding foot Goddess who loves to teach the young Princess Mika how to demand heel sucking, and foot worship. Slave eddie is totally under out foot power at all times. We try to spurt him with our feet, capturing his cock inside the soles of our heels. We put our bare feet on his hard schlong and toe-ment him.

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QB11.) The Taming of Hercules  (45 min)Queen, Amazon Ariel & little Princess Mika challenge this strong young man to a squashing, trampling and foot worship test of strength. Lots of very erotic foot sucking and worship with nice body sitting on this very strong young man. We accidentally broke his rib while we all walked on him from head to toe.


QB10.) Kamasutra Foot Love (45 min) Queen Adrena teaches a couple the foot worship Rituals of "Love". This is great body & face walking with delicious oil rub on feet. Princess Galaxy is a very stunning Latin Lovely. She is 5'6" with nice size 7's. She had double D cantelopes on top. She stands on slave Nick slowly and sexily learning the foot ropes of trample bondage. She sinks into his tummy nicely and she feed him her very gorgeous feet.


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QB9.) 10 K Face Walk Trample Party I (1998)  The original party at Facewalk's place- quality of tape is not great- content is great! Featuring Big Beautiful women, including Sweet Feet's first appearance on tape. Thunder Rose, Queen Adrena, Lola & others walk on the sea of men and sit on them in all ways. QB8.) Massive Momma's Crush & Trample  Incredible Supersize Giantess's teach matt the Heaviest Lessons Under Extreme Pressure- A Pressure Fetishists Delight Introducing the Mighty Beautiful "Thunder Rose" 5'8" 350 lbs. size 9 & 1/2 feet of very talented trampling & crushing delight! Thunder has been privately playing with slave Matt for some time but has decided it is time to teach him a Real Heavy Lesson in Limitations. Matt eye's were bigger than his appetite for 2 Real Giantess's to have him begging for Mercy Many times

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QB7.) Mother In Law Trample  Queen Mother Adrena & her step-daughter Jewels teach husband Lessons of female Supremacy. If you like the Bride and the Doomed tape with the fabulous Mistress Jewels, this is the finale of that session, where the blond beauty 6' Jewels with nice size 11's trample slave eddie with mommy dearest Queen Adrena with some very heavy trampling and demanding foot worship. The end it Jewels demanding a nice foot job from her slave husband eddie.


QB6.) Amazon's (Queen Adrena & Amazon Ariel) Tie & Tickle Bimbos Queen & Ariel get Lola & Sadie to cry tears of tickle torture. We tied them on the middle of the room on a medical table with their arms tightly held above their heads. We tickle tortured their arm-pits and their feet, that were bare, poking out from the edge of the table. Ariel and I had no mercy for the little air- heads as we made them squirm and beg for mercy. This is a great tickle tape.


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QB5.) "5 Card Stomp the Stud" A full house gets you 600 lbs. Of Terrifying Trampling: (starring Lovely Latin, Princess Star 5'7" 110 lb. sz 7's, & Princess Sadie, 5'11" sz 11's, & 6'3" Queen Adrena 315 lb.) Queenie & Star invent sadistic card game with dice & cards with 1, 2 & 3 girl trampling, smothering, & foot worship actions. They invite newbie Sadie over to play the "Game". Star wanted to show Sadie how to put men in their proper place. As slave Duke was forced under the card table, Star & Queen explained the stomp the stud game. Sadie was surpised to find a young man under the table serving as a massaging foot stool. The cards began to be played, starting with 1,2,& 3 girl Horsie rides. Then sexy foot & heel worship, bare & nyloned toe sucking,graduating to 1, 2 & spectacular 3 girl (all at the same time) chest & face trampling, including poking the weenie, with jumping from couch on slave Duke's chest. Nice Ass worship with face sitting, smothering, & complete bone grinding crushing (3 girl dog piles). Really tough yet sensual trampling tape. QB4.) Whips and Bondage 101  Princess Rhonda & Queen devirginize a newbie to the scene A 20 yr. old total naive novice is introduced by Princess Rhonda & Queen to the art of total submission to two Gorgeous Bitch Goddess’s & their beautiful whips, full body bondage, including cbt, & boot worship. A strong whipping & teasing is implemented by ravishing Rhonda, she loves to see her marks left on her property. Delicious demanding Ass worship & Breast smothering scenes. We teased & tormented our young handsome male for hours of wicked mine fucking. He was instructed in the art of pleasing his Mistress with his obedient ass to whip. He had to say "thank you Mistress , and count one to 100 lashes. We sit on his face. He is totally hypnotized by the beautiful Princess Rhonda. He had to serve her all night. He had tongue hang over. You will never experience a more real newbie baptized. We blindfolded him & tested his smelling talents with our panties & nylons & feet, A Rhonda fan’s delight

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QB3.) Bi-Vixens Feet In Heat- 2 Girl Foot Fetish $30 Polynesian Princess Santana & Mistress Shelly had just   been to the beauty parlor & had fresh pedicures with gorgeous Hot Red Nail Polish.  So, they started playing with each others feet - making a meal of Filet of Toe, with Toe Jam, Luscious Stuffed Soles and Cream of High Heel Soup. They sucked each others toes and soles, and sucked each others long spiked high heels shoes with fluttering tongues that went everywhere. The two Vixen's got especially hot & wild with each other, as this was their very first time together. They both adore having their feet licked, teased, & massaged for hours. Then, they got hungry for a Big Hot Pink Sausage, & the Big Double Dildo came out to play ..they fucked their toes, and their puckering hot pink cherry pies wanted to be eaten. mmmmm QB2.) Peep Show" - 55 min. Special- very private look at Queen Adrena & Princess Mika dressed for kinky pleasure in several different lingerie outfits with nylons & different open toed heels, featuring bikini panties, major teasing poses, juicy Queenie & Mika girlie play. We dance, sing, & dominate a slave at the end with whipping, & a little cross dressing. We play with nipple torture of the male slave and Mika's nipples.   Queen does some tremendous smothering & crushing of little Mika at the end. This is a rare sexxy treat.

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QB1.) Tickling Tinkerbell's  Two tiny girls Princess's Cupie & Mika have a little foot tickle date, they are a little bi-sexual and try every cute little foot tickle game. Queen Capture's them and ties them, then tickles their feet and bodies mercilessly at the end. QBA.) Fruit, Snails & Furniture Crush  Queen Adrena & her two tiny girls Cupie & Mika crush Kiwis, GSeduces, little tomatoes, and miniature furniture. Fruit, Furniture & Snail Crush- 42 min.$35.- Featuring mighty Tiny "Cupie" (4'10" 85 lb.), & Princess Mika & Queen Adrena's fantastic Squish party. We start with firm green gSeduces inserting them into our toes, imagining them as tiny men we're conquering & squishing with our open toed heels, & bare painted toes & feet. Small plump tomatoes are next. We stomp miniature furniture & men thoroughly next. We annihilate & smash garden Snails with lots of squish juices shown to finish.

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