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QN9.) "Queenie's Sitting Parlor"- Mistresses SharonT, Kyla, & Gigantess visited Queen's Sitting Parlor. The 3 Dommes constantly traded sitting places, keeping their slaves confined & smothered beneath their Big Beautiful bodies. Each slave was flattened, squished, smothered & used as multiple pieces of human furniture.  They sat & they sat & they crushed & they crushed & they ground those slaves down inside of their bottoms round. They scissored & they squeezed & they demanded to be pleased. A group orgasm was the finale! (70 min $35.) 

QN8.) " Furbella's Footdom & Assitude"  Queen gave Mistress Furbella a slave for a day. She  tied her slave, then trampled him slave into submission, demanding foot worship, high heel sucking & licking. She wrestled him down to make him believe that a slender Mistress can still kick some ass, then have hers worshipped. She removed her panties and then sat on his face for a long ride. Great Face sitting and high heel trampling. (45 min $30)

QOW1.)"Kyla Vs. Mr Smart Ass"-Kyla had a date with her skeptical male macho friend who thought no woman can ever beat him. She showed him that a full figured women can outsmart him and out last him in oil wrestling. Very Exotic and slippery & Juicy Dominant Oil Wrestling (45min $35.)

QN7.) Homewrecking Bitches from Hell - (70 min $35.) Kyla & Reyna didn't know they both had been dating the same loser. When they accidentally faced each other at facewalk's house, the cat fighting erupted. Then they soon turned on the cheating rat, facewalk. They pounded the living crap out of him with their relentless fists, stomping feet, trampling, & face smashing hell. They were wrestling on top of each other, when Gigantess, aka "the wife" came home to find the bitches in her house. They all 3 fought on top of the loser, all 3 kicking, stomping & smashing him more brutally than ever before.

QN6.) "Queenie's Human Furniture Store" ( 70 min $35.) Queen Adrena invited her Mistress Friends SharonT, Kyla, & Gigantess to shop at her human furniture store. The male furniture must be very pliable, squishable, & strong to last a long time under their pressure filled rides. A human couch, a carpet, a chair, a pony, a foot rest, a foot massager, 3 breast holders, back massagers, and of course all 3 male pieces of furniture must endure long sitting, smothering, & teasing periods of time. They must serve as human exercise machines caught between the Mistresses captivating thighs and aromatic crevices.

QN4. ) "Wide Women, Wide Ride "  (70 min. $35.) Starring Mistress Kyla, Mistress Gigantess (350 lbs, 5'6" sz 9 feet), &  Mistress Deliciello (190 lbs, 5'7" sz 10 feet, with slave Viking Boy. Mistress Kyla, Gigantess & Delciello's pussies were dripping as their new slave kissed & caressed their beautiful feet.  First it was  pony rides & then trampling. The Mistress's stood on his chest, his back, & his face & cock. With their 790 lbs trampling him, he begged breathlessly for mercy.  There was tons of sensual smothering with asses, breasts & entire bodies. Queenie jumped in to make a 1,110 lb dog pile. All of the Big Horny women had a good face fucking & viking boy was in heaven in his enveloping mammoth squashing & wide-wide ride.


QN3. "The Panty Thief's Pounding" A twerpy little man breaks into Mistress Kyla's apartment while she and Mistress Sharon T are out shopping. They return home to get Kyla's purse and discover that there is an intruder who is wearing Kyla's dirty panties. They wrestle him into submission and force him to orally serve until Mistress Kyla and Mistress Sharon orgasm all over his little face. While Mistress Kyla was toying with his schlong, the little twerp shot a load all over himself. What a mess! Lots of brutal wrestling. Scissors, airplane spins, hip tosses, etc.

QN2.) " Bewitched On Planet Vulvaria"-On the Planet Vulvaria, Men are mindless brainwashed creatures, bred for domesticated pet for amusement and pleasure. Queen Mother Adrena and her daughters Princess's Kyla & Aurora choose a pet for a day to smother and train for vulvarian servitude in their hot pink temples. They use him as human furniture, squishing him into proper obedience and they smother him in their Royal Asses. 60 minutes ($45.00) 

QN1.)"Nanny Kyla Teaches little boy Bobby Lessons of Sensual Servitude" Mommy Adrena left her young son in the hands of Nanny Kyla. Bobby is  a very naughty hyperactive youngster. Kyla punched & slapped him, applying head scissors. Down on the ground, she stood on him full weight, jumping on his tummy & back. She stood on his face with her full 250 lbs smashing his face with both feet as flat as a pancake. Little bobby cried, saying he would behave.  Kyla spanked his bare ass over her lap until he submitted. She was the first  to seduce the young bobby. She taught him how to orally please while she squashed & smothered his face during her long ride.  60 min ($40.00) 


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