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QA21.) "Titanic Trampling vol. I" - ( 60 min) ("1,350 lbs. of Facewalking") Queen invites her new friend Mst. Sweet Feet 5’9" 220 lb. Sz.. 10 feet to demonstrate to Mst. Magick 5’9" 230 lb. sz 9 1/2, & Princess’s Amazon Ariel 6’1" 260 lb. Sz. 11 1/2, Lola 5’9" 160 lb. Sz. 9 1/2, Sadie 5’10" 160 lb. Sz. 10 how to use her personal trample man (slave face walk, 5’9" 170 lb.) to let out all of a woman’s complete rage and aggression by trampling him near to death. Slave facewalk can endure more weight on his face than any man I have ever seen. We all walk on him with our heels full weight from crotch to face. We use him as our bouncing couch plopping all of our ass’s on him all at once. We all take turns trying our toughest & roughest shots at his crotch with our bare feet & heels. Then we stand on his face until his nose smashes into his skull. The most incredible feats of feet yet. Then we all take turns sitting on his face , smothering him deeply one at a time then all at once in full 6 girl pile ups, and stand ons. The Most BRUTAL !!! Face STOMPING Ever Seen. This most definitely a pressure fetishists tape, for those that enjoy pressure from walking.
tt21.jpg (8851 bytes) QA20.) "Titanic Tramplethon volume II" – ( 65 min). ("1,850 lbs.") - 6 Gigantic Full Bodied Goddess’s Trample slave facewalk into oblivion. There was Delilah@550lbs., Thunder Rose@ 350lbs., .Q. Adrena @320 lbs., Mst. Magick@230 lbs.. Mst. Sweet Feet@ 225lbs., & Sadie@150 lbs.. We start by trampling the facewalk doll & tearing him to shreds. We walk & stomp & trample on slave facewalk’s face, crotch, chest, & throat continuously. Facewalk still resisted, not saying mercy, until surprisingly Rose started jumping with all her 350 lbs on tummy & chest with full pounding. He finally "mercied" on her, telling us it was just a pulled muscle. Our complete flattening & bouncing & squishing continued with our feet, some nice butt & knee drops. You must see Delilah walk up & down facewalk’s chest, with her awesome "full face standing". We all stood on him at once. It’s incredible to believe that any human species man could endure this much weight on his puny male body. Delilah’s legs & ass are so huge, they are much like an elephant (her skin is smooth, powerful & unbelievably solid ) The women trample with bare feet mostly, some heels posing by Magick.

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QA19.) "Colossal Squashathon" ( 73 min.) - 1,850 lbs. of Giant Sized women Squash slave facewalk, & slave matt near to death. Featuring the sexily lingerie clad 550 lb. Delilah, 350 lb. Thunder Rose, 320 lb. Queen Adrena, 230 lb. Mst. Magick, 225 lb. Sweet Feet, & 150 lb. Sadie,. Major tummy sitting, with full face sitting forwards & full ass smothering with all our Humongous Honeys. You must see Delilah walk bare footed on both laid out men’s bodies & faces, she plants her full weight on matt’s back while facewalk endures her Giant foot on his throat full weight. She sits on both men’s faces at the same time. We do many dog piles & crush bench chest, tummy, & face squishing in different combinations of Rose, Queen, Delilah, Sweetfeet, Magick & Sadie. This is a must have for pressure, & ass smothering fans. This is an endurance contest for our two strongest crush men. We all had Gigantic fun. The men were very lucky to have survived without permanent injuries. But they did feel the pressure for days afterwards. ( two camera angles- one with close-ups on the feet & legs only) mostly bare feet, some heels with Magick in the beginning.

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QA18.) "Valkyrie’s Plunder of Viking Boy" (50 min) Amazon's; Queen Adrena 6'3" 320 lb., Princess's Ariel, 6'2" 260 lb., Lola 5'8" 160 lb., Sadie 6'9" 160 lb., take a trampling & smothering, pressure filled foot voyage on viking boy's chest, face & crotch. (he was erect the entire time) He is 6'3" 220 lb. Tons of body pile ups with 880 lbs of woman sitting on him and standing on him all at one time. He was steamed rolled flat as a pancake for sure. We enjoyed lots of sensual toe kissing, major face sitting, full weight body and face walking. The girls are scantily clad in lingerie, and bare feet. Princess Lola & Sadie also play a new game of standing on each other. Erotic and savage. Sadie also has Queen stand on her... maybe a new tape is the works with girl girl trampling.

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QA17.) "Double Date Trample From Hell"( 65 min) Princess Sadie@170 lb, 5’9" sz 11’s, Princess Lola @155 lb, 5’9" sz. 10’s meet two young na´ve brothers online who live in Oregon. They invite the brothers for a double date in L.A.. They meet them up at the airport & take them to their house where the young men think they’re going to get laid. But, instead they get teased into imprisonment at the feet & heels of the vicious flesh hungry young women. The girls challenge the boys to a contest to see who will who will be the "Best Woman Pleaser". Lola & Sadie strip the boys & hide their clothes, so that they can’t run. Then they demand high heel sucking & high heel trampling that starts out mild & turns into torturous poking onto all parts of their bodies. The cat & mouse game continues where the meece’s get torn to pieces.. as they strip down to their sexy lingerie. The Flirtin turns to Hurtin as the girls’ dark side comes out more & more. Lolita & Sadie start jumping on the boys face’s mercilessly & pounding the holy "Hell" out of Wayne & Shane. They are scared, but the girls keep promising a sexy finish, so they endure the non-stop pummeling of their grinding Trampling Feet into their tummies, chest & face. Lola goes berserk after Shane will not stop tickling her toes. So he gets the living shit kicked out of him. The finish is a fantastic double face sitting contest where the girls get their rocks off, as they fuck their faces into smothering & scissoring oblivion. This is one of the most Brutal Trampling tapes ever made- See Lolita get her first taste of blood where her predatory instincts erupt like a violent volcano.

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QA16. Sexxy Sadie's Footdom- (65 min)  This is the most unusually provactive, sensually titillating foot worship & tantalizing trampling that Princess Sadie has done to date. I got horny watching it. Don't miss this one and watch the Growth of the joyous and beautiful Princess Sadie. She really loves using her feet to dominate tramplee and forcing him to lap her toes & soles for prolonged pleasure.

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