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Queen Adrena’s Real Fetish Videos Price List ( Page 6)

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QA15.) "Giantess Crush’s Mighty Mouse"- ($40- 55 min) Queen’s Tit Smothering Journey into tiny man suffocation & dominant wrestling. First, she lifts him showing him how strong she is. She mothers him by having him sit on her lap and hand spanking spanking his little ass. She demands some nice foot worship. Then, she grips his head with her strong thighs, scissoring, until he begs for mercy over & over again. Queen enjoys very sexy Breast worship & Face sitting. Queen is attired in some Very sexxy lingerie & peek-a-boo shots showing the Queen’s Rubenesque figure off in its crotchless lingerie glory.

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QA14.) " Triple Trample" ($35- 60 min)- This was one of our first tapes in the new classics when Queen first got back into the fetish scene in 97. This was Amazon Ariel’s was a true joy to see in this tape. She just glowed when samson rubbed her ass and kissed her feet. We all Trounced and we Pounced. And we Trampled and we Jumped. Mika did cart wheels on slaves samson's tummy & face. And she jumped from high from the crush bench. Queen was in in her full athletic splendor. She jumped from the floor onto slave samson's tummy, all 310 lbs of her. The Queen Taught the young Princess's about the art of complete physical domination with their feet and their Squashing & smothering Asses. We piled in 500 lb dog piles. This is samson's favorite. He is the breath deprivation and Pressure Fetishist supreme. I have never seen anyone take as much as samson. viking boy is on his way to matching samson. The raw passion of newness and youngness and female power has never been so fun.

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QA13.) Strictly Foot Fetish ($35- 50 min)- The Queen captures a small male slave by the name of zorro- who won the slave for a day contest in "Instep Magazine". This is a new classic. This tape is among a few tapes that Queen made when she first returned to the scene when her feet were complete. Her feet are absolutely gorgeous in this tape. She shows slave zorro all of her strictly foot fetish enslavement rituals. Forced High Heel worship, open toed mules are used to tease and work over the slave's large schlong. Giantess Kelly joins in on some simple foot worship of her beautiful size 11's.
ronret10.jpg (5176 bytes) QA12.) "Rhonda’s Return to Footdom" ($35- 55min) Great Stuff - The Queen & Princess have some foot torture fun with slave eddie. This is a delicious view of the Princess after a long absence. She always had a wicked foot domination streak in her. WE both used slave eddie as our human furniture. Rhonda always loved using a man a chase lounge with her ass in her crotch and her feet in his face. She stepped on his cock and body with her high heel boots in the beginning. After she saw some nice heel poke marks, she moved on to nyloned foot fetish worship. She also tied eddie up and whipped his ass with some wicked stings. Princess Rhonda has always loved to leave a few lash marks on her property as well. We made slave eddie earn the high honor of our face sitting and bare feet on his worthless cock as we delivered a double foot job.$35.

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QA11.) "Giantess Queen Crush’s Samson I"-( $40- 55 min) Queen’s wild & completely uninhibited journey into complete crushing & ass thumping upon slave samson. Brutal, Intense full 320 lb. slams, complete butt drops, endless breath deprivation scenes inside of Queen’s Almighty Ass (lots of intense Almighty Ass worship). Divine prolonged torso pressure scenes. Unbelievably Brutal

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QA10.) Domestic Demolition-($35- 50 min) Slave Smiley (5’8" 165lb.) never loses his smile of ecstasy while taking the most Brutal bare & heeled foot trampling Queen & Amazon Ariel ever dished out This is the Longest bare foot standing on face, & torso ever with Queen & Ariel together. Smiley was bound with his hands behind his back & whipped severely into total surrender. We had broken any resistance to whatever we demanded as our domestic servant. We trampled the boy as our carpet in the kitchen. We use his body and especially his face as our smother cushion in the kinky loft. We demanded Lots of toe & foot kissing. Smiley was an excellent slave with is loving and devoted tongue and finally his hands. We enjoyed Prolonged Ass worship & smothering. This is sensuous yet very intense.

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ssth17.jpg (15602 bytes) QA9.) "Strictly Smothering" ($40-30 min) Queen invites slave "frenchy" over to endure prolonged breath deprivation in sensual lair of bare bottomed smothering & face sitting; frontal & deep ass capture. No mercy for the wicked. Adrena in her 320 lb Glory enjoys herself with no holds barred to complete climax. XXX One of the Best Tapes by the Queen for Severe Heavy Full Face Sitting forward & & backwards. I don't have alot of pics from this one. Sorry but I promise you this is a fantastic breath deprivation tape with incredible forward & backwards heavy suffocation scenes. One of the finest suffocation and smothering tapes I have ever made. Slave frenchy passes out from the intense experience, and not being able to escape with Queen's full weight on him.

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