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QA48.) "Iron Balls Collides With the 867 lb wrecking Crew " $45 ( 75 min- 2 camera’s with great close-ups) Queen, Ariel, & Ebonique had an excellent time squishing slave "iron crotch" at the Temple. We used a little board across his pelvis to ride on him like a surf board. It was really fun to watch Ariel go to town with her big size 13's riding the little human surf board. Ebonique & I went completely nude at the end with some delicious crush bench smothering with face & abdomen riding. We did some face sitting on the couch & the crush bench. This is a pelvic pressure ride with some delicious smothering scenes. But this is not specifically breath deprivation. It is the smothering & pressure fetish.

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QA47.) " 557 lb. Amazon's Assimilation of slave Iron Crotch" ($40 - 55 min) We were upstairs in the loft, which has such handy "A frame" walls and chains above us that are such fun for mounting our little "Iron Crotch". Ebonique did alot of plops & belly flops, we did a thing called squash fucking which includes alot of pelvic pressure applications pile driving bumping. Ebonique has never been more beautiful with her golden hair. She jumped higher than I have ever seen her jump on his tummy and crotch. This is a pressure fetishists wet dream when Queenie and Ebonique both step on his crotch on the little surf board. We both go nude for some double face sitting and smothering.

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QA46.) "In The Buff Face Fuck" (75 min- $40) This is Kyla’s solo Mistress adventure with pony boy. She ties him on the X & whips his tight buns. Then she walks all over him, pulverizing him to make him worthy of her face fucking grind ride from hell. She stripped & sat on him on the carpet nude. She demanded sexy foot & Heel worship, & Very Sexy Breast worship on her HH’s. Her pussy was wet & ready to mount pony boy on the crush bench made for face fucking. She rode that boys face until she left tread marks. Sparks were flying and her juices were exploding. He gasped for air & she gasmed with ecstasy. Juicy & Hot. Kyla’s most XXX video. She also toyed with his nude schlong with her feet & fingers.

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QA44.) "Lady & the Trampoline" ($40- 75 min) Santana captured a slave by the name of "Bouncer Boy". She taught this wanna be love slave "Exactly" what a true dominant Foot Goddess wants from a foot man. She has a black belt in martial arts, & knows how to use her entire body as a lethal weapon. She had a score to settle with the "male species" in general. She trampled bouncer boy until he was turned into mashed potatoes. She walked on his face until he melted like hot chocolate. She Bounced & Trounced on his tummy and face until he turned into a human trampoline. This is an incredibly sexxy & Brutal Trampling tape. Lots of Bouncing, Jumping & Face Walking.   (Incredible feats of feet) Lots of  very revealing & topless views.

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QA43.) "Enorma's 500lb Nude Avalanche Crushes Samson" ($50- 50 min) Mistress "Enorma" invited slave samson over to her private domain for a very special & Brutal afternoon of Amazing Ass Worship & Savage Squashing. The wicked, strong, solid, buxom 500 lb blond Mistress knows exactly how to throw her weight around on samson’s flattened body. She can really move and Squash her captive unendingly.  She commands samson to kiss her ass while she kicks his! She is very verbally dominant and humiliating. Samson really suffered more than he ever has. This is a breath deprivation and the pressure fetish together

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QA42.) "Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists" ( $40- 90 min) (Sharon, Shelly & Santana) Queen & Sharon Kidnap "Max Footlove"at the airport.He’s blindfolded & held at gunpoint, then taken to be interrogated by "The Trampling Terrorists". They suffocate & scissor him until he passes out. They subjugate & humiliate him with non stop full weight face walking & jumping on him like a trampoline. Max resists at first, until the pain becomes intolerable. He’s hypnotized & brainwashed by their beautiful aromatic demanding feet, derriere’s & Titanic Bare Tits slapping him in the face. Santana bounced on his head like a basketball. Shelly never stopped squishing the air right out of him with her feet caving in his chest, face, & crotch. Sharon jumped right in & kept the balls rolling by foot squeezing them constantly. Sharon gets into some very wicked cock & ball bondage (cbt)

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QA41.) "Mat Man's Mashacre by Mistress SharonT" ( $40-90 min) Starring the Bodacious 44DDD, 180 lb, Beauty, with sz 9 & precious pretty feet "Mistress Sharon". Queen Adrena invited Mst. Sharon to initiate the foot slave in the Queen’s collection of Human Furniture. Mst. Sharon's dressed to kill in black leather skirt with 5" black patent spikes. Mst. Sharon stood full weight, with heels, trampling him for a long time on his groveling tummy, chest & throat. His long salivating tongue lapped every inch of her beautiful spike heels. Her spiked female schlong deep throated his sucking lips. He was squished flat as a pancake. Her heels poked deeply into his balls, capturing his hard shaft in her heel arch.  Mst. Sharon teased him with her feet, slipping her foot inside his shorts, making his manhood hard. Dressed in only a T-back G String & leather pasties, she rode him like a horse. She’d say "Carpet, lay!.", "Chair, Sit!" She bounced on him like a rubber ball on the couch. She mercilessly smothered mat man full weight in forward face sitting & reverse sitting on the carpet firmly on his upturned face. Then she threw him on the Crush Bench, where she thoroughly fucked his face until she had an orgasm. This is an incredible foot & heel fetish experience, with glorious deep ass smothering.

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QA40.) "In the Nude Squash Mood" ($40-90 min.) Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla make a duo of 550 lbs of Tits & Ass that will leave a lasting Squashing & face riding impression forever on slave samson’s flattened body. Queen instructs Kyla in the art & delicious torment of full weight trampling first. Then Queen shows Kyla how to throw her 230 lbs around on samson’s face. He took both of us riding him for 90 minutes of the most uninhibited Squashing done by Queen yet. This is the first time Queen goes completely nude while assimilating samson’s face deep inside her ass. His tongue was kept busy cleaning and licking. He had to please both of our asses and tits with his tongue. This is a Pressure fetishist’s wet dream with the two full figured Goddess’s in their full nude glory pounding him thoroughly.

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