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Queen Adrena's Real Fetish Video's Price List (Page 4)

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QA29.) " Amazon’s Smothering & Scissoring Orgy" – ($40- 75 min) ( Super close-ups) - It’s a double date for slave swapping. The Big Luscious Black Mistress Ebonique & Tall blond Amazon Mistress Shelly decided it’s time to teach their live in male pets some new tricks in their favorite scissoring & smothering games. Shelly threw her pet Tim down on the carpet, applying her strong head scissors immediately. Ebonique got excited watching Shelly make her macho man beg for mercy. So, she subdued "Nickie boy" by sitting on his face with her big round black buns. She devoured his face deep inside her muscular ass & muff. Her titanic tits fell deliciously out of her sexy bra. Then they traded slaves & started playing with each others male toys. They grabbed their cocks & pinched their nipples, demanding deeper smothering & merciless scissors action. Queen Adrena came to visit the girls. With Shelly & Ebonique as her assistant witch’s, they were hypnotized completely. The Big Strong Goddess’s demanded more as they held them in their deeply captivating cages of their almighty ass’s, thighs, & breasts. Incredible Smothering & Scissoring!!
mms2j.jpg (8358 bytes) QA28.) "Mighty Mouse Visits Foot & Thighland" –( $40- 60 min) Queen Adrena, Ebonique, & Princess Sadie gang up on a tiny man called Mighty Mouse". He dares the girls to a Scissoring, Smothering, Foot Kissing, Face Fucking Orgy. He’s Squeezed & teased near to death. Ebonique & Queen demand major Big Breast worship & toe sucking, before they start applying the anaconda grip of their humongous thighs. Mouse man cries for mercy, yet begs for more. Sadie joins in the fun demanding trampling , heel sucking & Lethal Face sitting. We all have a toetally Thigh squeezing good time. Then we spurt the young man with our feet.

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QA27.) "Delilah’s Monstrous Mash" – ($40- 120 min) Delilah, our ebony super size 550 lb. mama is now a full fledged squasher. She reveals more of her titanic thighs & Gigantic Buns in bikini panties & bra- it’s amazing that slave samson survives her full body drops on his wooden hard crush bench supported by cinder blocks & flat on the carpet. There is sensual feet & ass worship. Delilah’s massive mounds of flesh squash & smother samson in her full bodied crotch, thighs, & ass. This is the heaviest smothering delivered by the most Gargantuan Gal in the Queen’s court. Queen joins in a few double squash’s. Truly Amazing.
bigass4.jpg (15270 bytes)    QA24.) "Big Ass Smotherland Smash" (- $40. - 2 hours with 45 minutes of just close ups) Featuring 550lb. Delilah, Goddess Ebonique 5’9" 230 lb., Magick 230 lb., Queen Adrena 320 lb., Thunder Rose 350 lb. All the Giantess Women decide to get their feet, & ass’s on our favorite crush slave’s "matt" & the one & only "samson". We throw our weight around in the most erotic face sitting and tummy pulverizing ways. Each of the Humongous honeys uses the crush boys as her trampoline with her pounding feet in some great body, chest , and face walking. Then we sit on them in our very revealing lingerie in every smothering ass position we can improvise. We demand to have our feet & ass’s kissed. Mst. Magick & Ebonique our new ebony Mistress use their spike heels in some nice ball torture. Rose & Delilah use samson as their horsie and ride him into oblivion until he submits Pressure Fetishists Delight.

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QA23.) "Hooked On Cracks" – ($40- 2 full hours- With amazing close-ups) Queen Adrena & Magick capture a 5'6" small male in their wicked wanton juicy cracks of deep almighty ass smothering, titanic tit crush. This is Pussy power at its most dominant & humiliating best. Dressed in leather boots & corsets, we kick, crush & devour our tiny male until he submits over & over again to all of our merciless deep smothering cracks & cleavages. We smoke cigars & literally cage this helpless anaslav (anus slave)in our bountiful mounds of aromatic flesh, nice cock & ball torture & dildo training added. This is Dee0p Ass Smothering and the Ass Pressure Fetish.

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QA22.) "Queen’s Royal Ass Subjugation" – ($40- 55 min.) The Queen’s most complete ass & full body subjugation of a slave ever caught on video with Queen in her most vivid voracious vulvarian voluptuousness. Slave "sitting face" (5’7" 140 lb.) endures all of Queen’s most sensually dominant love games, starting with foot worship, cock & ball bondage, light spanking, then .. an unforgettable journey into complete ass & pussy subjugation; prolonged smothering into her massive ass cheeks ( a little gas), with a nice golden offering , then unending tongue service afterwards. Slave is rewarded for giving his Queen multiple orgasms with a nice titty fuck, spurting all over Queen’s huge breasts. Queen’s most delicious XXX tape yet.

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