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QA39.) "Death of A pizza Boy" ( $45- 80 min) 2 BBW's Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla Captured & Punished the Pizza Delivery man who dared to eat their pizza before he delivered it! They Squashed the Holy Hell out of the insolent little worm. With their topless 550 lbs of Massive Asses & Breasts, they Crushed him flat in many different action packed pile ups & throw downs. Lots of Rough Squash play. We trample him a bit. And we roughly grabbed his long schlong as our joy stick, to lead him around with as we pleased & teased. Kyla especially loved poking her pizza covered tits in his face, suffocating him with her 46HH’s. Kyla tormented his hard tool with her grinding & smashing feet as well. We laughed heartily at his Torment. We accidentally on purpose Suffocated him to Death. He may never be heard from again. We cannot incriminate ourselves any further than that.

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QA38.) "Viking Boy's DeFeet" " ($40- 70 min) (starring Amazon's Ariel, Sweet feet, & viking boy) The Amazons had a contest to see who could extract the most mercies out of  viking boy to win the $50. prize purse that Queen Adrena was offering for; the sexiest feet, the most dominant feet, & the Best Squashing & Smothering. Incredible full weight trampling on the un-padded carpet. The two Amazonic Goddess's had their Squashing Fill. They could not believe what viking boy could endure. Sweet Feet's Full 220 lbs. flattened him down, then Ariel's 300 lbs. would pound him down to ground round. He endured all that they had to dish out with a smile on his face. He’s totally enveloped by the large & in charge Goddess. The title "Pressure Fetish" was invented for him. He was assimilated into their holy impending assess & Feet many times during the trampling trials. You must see "Sweet Feet's " incredible smile on her face as viking boy introduced her to her very first, very erotic tongue lapping "Foot Worship". Ariel received his lapping tongue on her soles & toes of her size 13's for a very long time. There’s a lot of sole in this tape.

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  QA37.) " Avalanche of Ass, Tits, & Trampling Feet & Drowned in a Golden Tidal Wave ($40- 90 min) Queen & Kyla initiate slave pony boy as Kyla's private property. We whip him hard, Squish him flat with our feet, sexxy heel humiliation, foot & ass worship. He endures an Incredible double 550 lb pony ride with Heavy Trampling, Fantastic Ass & Breast Smothering, Face Sitting, & Squashing to the max (Great Human Furniture). Then Queen instructs Kyla in the art of golden wine dispensing. A golden tidal wave enslaves our pet in hot juicy heaven. Kyla’s very first shower. Feel the Female power.

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QA36.) " Rug Man's Demise" ( $35-70 min) (starring "Shelly", "Santana" & "little man footsie") Their personal ad read: "Help Wanted: Human Carpet for Two very Sensual & Demanding Dominant Foot Goddess's". Mistress's Shelly & Santana wanted a personal foot slave to own & to keep around the house on the floor to entertain them at their beckon call. Little Foostsie applied for the job. They punished & flattened footsie until he begged for mercy repeatedly. He endured their weight without padding on the carpet, except for the soft yet firm soles of their feet. They put him through all the paces of what they truly want out of a personal foot slave. This’s a very sensuous look at the fine art of humiliating foot worship. Both Mistress's demanded little footsie to smell their sweaty toes & shoes as he sucked their high heels deep throat. Walking on his chest & face mercilessly, he groaned & moaned with each pounding thrust of their feet. They stood on his head & it almost popped. They applied their punishing strong, & tightly squeezing head scissors, used in many different creative positions. He could not breath in their suffocating thigh vice grip. They toyed with his throbbing hard schlong. He was a mere human chair & couch. He was used & abused for hours. They broke his rib, so they are still looking- Any more slaves want to apply for the personal slave position.

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QA35.) "Mikey Licks It All" ( $45- 90 min) Queen Adrena & Mst. Magick capture little boy Mikey and tie him to a post to prepare him for his complete ass whipping. After he is subdued and properly verbally humiliated, we force him into the most degrading deep ass worship, and foot kissing. We dildo train him forcing him to suck it while we watch & after it has been buried in juicy hot places to further degrade him. Then we feed him our hot steaming ass rosebuds. He must thoroughly clean and lick them out good. Then we feed him some golden champagne out of a glass after it is poured from the Goddess’s spout. Then Mst Magick takes him into the bath tub to shower him without worrying about spilling.. This is a Really Great Erotic Ass subjugation tape, with a lot of verbal humiliation about toilet training included. XXX

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QA34.) "Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry" In the Torrid Temple of Trample & Squash" ($ 35-80 min) Princess Kyla had her very first slave in the Queen’s Temple of Trample & Squash. First, Pony boy was ridden by her full figured 230 lbs. Like a horse by her, then by both of us .Then we whipped his ass playfully. We both walked on him & trampled him, demanding that he endure our full 550 lb of massive mounds of flesh on his tummy, back, & face. We Smothered his face into our curves, Assimilating his face deep inside our asses. Kyla loved her first day in the Temple with pony boy. Pony boy was also instructed on how to suck Kyla’s feet, taking her heels and toes deep throat.For Big Woman Lovers, this is a must have. Erotic and full pressure fun

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QA33.) "10K-2" 2ND Annual Facewalk Party"- ( 2 tape collection – either tape $35- Both tapes $65) Featuring Shelly 5'9",160 lbs.,size 10’s., Ebonique 5'9" 230 lb., sz.10’s, Sweet Feet 5'9" 200 lb. sz.10’s., Ariel  6'2" 270 lb. size 12’s, Ayhla 135 lb. 5'7" sz.6’s, & Star Dust, 5'8" 160 lb. sz. 9’s(1,165 lbs.) There’s two tapes in series. 1st part was free flowing marching, plopping, sitting on & demanding foot worship from all 10 flattened men in Queen's sunny lush back yard. 2nd part was all the ladies using squash benches to sit upon the human furniture men’s tummies, faces, & chests, with full weight dog piles. See great jumping down on their faces & chests from above. See some great butt drops & more (tape one has the full 40 min beginning & 20 min from the 2nd part of the squashing & sitting on the crush benches. This tape is a total of 2 hours using fantastic low camera for feet, legs & butt major close-ups.) (see tape 2 for the 2nd half of bench squashing, face sitting, foot worship & the "ultimate" Gang of Girls all pounding one man at a time with their powerful feet with their stomping & facewalking frenzy. (Facewalk & Viking boy really take it Good- and everyone is brutalized in some delicious)

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  QA32.) "530 lb. Delilah Gets Sexy" – ($45- 70 min) Finally, after a long wait, Delilah’s full 530 lb voluptuous figure is revealed in her beautiful teenie weenie red bikini. She commands her love slave "Danny" on how to worship her Gigantic solid sensual body properly! She demands the kissing of her bare feet with red painted toe nails. She guides his worshipping face to her unbelievably large legs. Then her humongous & firm thighs captivate his adoration. She shoves his mouth into her sexy aromatic panties. Then her gargantuan hips hypnotize his mind. The ebony Delilah smothers & squashes "Danny’s" puny little body as he disappears in her gigantic full sensual Splendor. She’s weighed & measured also. Lots of Size comparisons of legs, thighs & asses. This tape is really unique & sexxxy.

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QA31.) "The Fresh Richie is Taught Manners with Queen's Scissoring & Face Sitting Lessons"   ($35- 30 min)The Beautiful Goddess Adrena meet Richie in her hotel room in New York City for a little innocent date. He sat next to her on the bed for a little cuddling and necking. Richie has been Queen’s admiring fan for many years. Queen is dressed provocatively in her short silver skirt with a beautiful lace bra and nice lace panties underneath. Richie can't help it. He looks at the Goddess’s beautiful legs underneath her skirt and he gets fresh, running his hand up the Goddess’s short skirt, (without asking permisssion), actually touching her Smooth beautiful nude thighs and he even tried reaching for her panties. So Queen taught him all about respect for a strong womans' head scissors, face sitting, & school boy pins. For dominant wrestling fans this is teh bomb.

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QA30.) "Big Buns & Feet Bonanza"-( $45- 70 min) great close-ups) Starring the Goddess’s "Priscilla"5’10" 200lb’s 46DD sz 10 beautiful feet. "Jen Marie", 5’10" 200lb’s 44DD sz 10 feet, & "Shelly"165 lb’s 44DD sz 10’s. All three BBW beauties capture little their little slave boys "tim" & "mikey" in their voluptuous curves of savage smothering & face-sitting xxtravanganza. Queen guides the girls in proper smother & face riding techniques. First they demand erotic heel & foot sucking worship. Then they whip the little boys buns. Then, the face fucking sport & training begins. Their Big Wide Beautiful Enticing Buns totally envelop the little boys’ entire faces. The xxtra sexy ladies played with each other’s Big beautiful breasts in some bi-sexual fun as they sat on the slave’s faces.

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