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QA8.) "Bride & Doomed" ( $40. 65 min.)- Goddess Jewels 6'2" 175 lb is a most Majestic Amazon. This is the story of her and husband slave eddie’s honeymoon from hell. What was supposed to be Eddie's night of lust turned into Severe Role Reversal. Eddie knew that the most gorgeous Jewels was Queen Adrena's daughter, but he thought he was man enough to tame her. She let him think he was the "Boss" until the ring was on her finger. Then she showed him her TRUE Dominant Bitch Goddess Foot & Ass smothering self! He has been properly trained now. This is the most fabulous REAL Foot Goddess & Foot slave house-pet you have ever seen. This is non-stop erotic Trampling, foot smothering, face sitting, horsie riding, & the most overpowering HEAD SCISSORS. Amazon Jewels foot fucks her male captive, gagging him with her long beautiful painted toes, demanding long periods of tongue foot, & toe cleaning with leg, thigh & foot smothering him until he literally passes out several times. When Goddess Jewels puts her hand across eddie’s mouth and says "Night Night" she means it. You will see fantastic beige Cuban hosiery, with red 5" spike mules, and lots of chest and face walking with bare feet. Goddess Jewels demands her foot slave to dress her long Amazon legs in black cuban hosiery after awhile (with seams).

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QA7.) "Sister Queen’s of Crush" ($35. 50 min) Mistress Magick, Queen’s Sister Dom 5’9" 230 solid lbs.- 50DDD & Queen Adrena Crush the holy Hell out of "Samson" our favorite crush slave. Samson does it once again endures Queen’s 330 lbs, & Magick’s 230 lbs. Sitting for excruciatingly long periods of ( 550 lbs) savage smothering on his chest, tummy, face, & cock. Our glorious Almighty Ass’s together are the most excruciatingly enormous imposing sight to behold & to be crushed flat as a pancake beneath both of us on our special new crush bench ( the shape was permanently altered on this day) & on the crush mats during the best crush. Sister Magick is a most naturally fun and sensual dominant woman. Her powerful body and devious mind are a duo that is impossible to resist. Queen will always think of she & Magick as sisters. The name "Magick" fits the Australian born Goddess very well. She weaves a spell of dominant Magic that is undeniable. You should be so lucky to be captured inside of both of our glorious Derriere's and Bodacious TA TA's. We also had a natural sensuality with one another that was very sexy.

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QA6.) "Spanking & Smothering School"- (50 minutes $40)- Teacher Adrena punishes her tiny blond female college student (Mika) & Junior, a small male student. She warms their hot pink bottoms in severe over the lap spanking. Queen teacher delivers some Serious smothering in chairs, on the teacher’s desk. Queen captures Mika and Jr , both naughty students , in some unusually delightful squeezing, in double smothering moves. Nice role play. Teacher Adrena Needs to Spank little Mika, who has not been paying attention in class, for her insolence. A nice hot pink Bottom over Queen's lap is in order, with the hair brush warming her ass properly. Of course, Foot worship is demanded also. If Mika kisses teachers feet with sweetness and humble adoration, the spanking will subside temporarily. Queen's feet are hot & pungent after a long day in front of the classroom. Junior a small male student was peaking at Mika's punishment so he got dragged in for some ass warming and serious smothering discipline also. Queen spanks his little pink bottom then she sits on his face long & hard. Then it’s time for Queen to squeeze both her little students together in a double scissors. Mika is then allowed to assist in Juniors discipline and ass warming. This is very titillating to a dominant teacher.

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QA5.) "Savage Wrestling Seduction"( $35. 50 min) Queen’s first dominant wrestling tape in 10 years. Pierre’s very cocky frenchman 5’10" 165 lb. who thinks Queen is past her prime. Q shows she still has plenty of airplane spinning power, scissor squishing, and submission hold control over this mere male. Queen starts off in her wrestling boots, & then after Pierre submits properly- Q ties him, taunts & teases him very sexily & dominantly in her sexxy lingerie, Giantess smother at its best. Pierre submits over & over again until Queen gets her erotic squeezing & suffocating power satisfied.

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QA4.) "The Queen Ties & Tickles Mika tile she Pees" ($35 . 60 min) Queen ties Mika to a post standing in her heels & sexy lingerie- then she mercilessly tickles the little girl with her probing finger tips until she loses control. Queen is relentless in her tickle attack in every ticklish spot, under her arms, near her neck. Queen uses some wicked ice cubes, which inevitably has Mika lose control of her bladder, making a piddling mess. (this part is 30 minutes) Add to this, another 30 minute scene where Mika is tied & tickled spread eagled- and the focus in on tickling her fee. Queen also does some delicious smothering & spanking of her cute little buns. This is a true tickling joy. Mika’s size 5 feet are tickled mercilessly & her toes sucked by Queenie. Queen demands some toe licking from Mika also. Mika’s small little rump is spanked in several helpless positions. This is one of the best Tickling tapes ever.

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QA3.) "Women In Black- 1,050 lb.Trample Attack" Starring: Queen Adrena, Sweet Feet & Delilah ($35. 60 min) Queen Adrena @ 320 lb, Supersize Delilah @ 550 lb. & Mistress Sweet Feet @ 200 lb. came to collect a bad debt from the con artist "Facewalk". They forced open his door, smashing him against the wall with all their massive huge strength. They all punched his stomach forcefully with full fists of anger. Delilah really loved socking him with her fists of steel. Queen held his package of the "family jewels" tightly as Sweet Feet karate kicked him square in the balls, knocking him down flat. Then, all the Big Mean Mad Mama's Trampled the "Holy Hell" & Shit out of him. They gave him all their heavy weights with punishing squashing, smothering, and trampling. This is Brutal !!

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QA2.) "Gang Foot Bang" ($35. 50 min) Quadruple Foot Orgy. Queen Adrena, Mst. Magick 5’9" 230 lb.Sz. 9’s, Princess's Galaxy 5’6" 110 lb. 34DD sz. 7’s age 20, & Lolita 5’10" 160 lb 36D. Sz. 9 ft. age 18, Queen’s bring slave Joe home from bar to feed their beautiful young horny, dominant daughters a foot slave for sensually demanding heel, foot, toe, sole, & leg worship. Merciless teasing, & trampling-all 4 want face sitting fun. Galaxy toe milks him into wet shorts, in spite of pleas of mercy. 60 min. $35.+ 5 You Must See this Incredible Foot Fest. Galaxy is a true Temptress & Lolita is a stunning young Amazon- & Mistress Magick is a truly beautiful BBW 48DDD

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QA1.) " Mommy Adrena’s Panties & Feet" Queen Mommy Adrena decided it was time to show her little baby boy J ( 5'6", 120 lb.) just how helpless & little he really is. He was reduced to wearing diapers for the amusement of Mommy Adrena and Princess Amazon Ariel. & Princess Mika. Queen told the young girls how to control a boy like J with enforced panty sniffing & forced spike heel worship ( he sucked the spikes deep in his mouth & smelled & licked our toes). We enjoyed teasing little J with our thigh hi's nylons under our short skirts. Baby J cried from embarassment. He even sucked his thumb & then mommy & Ariel lifted & rocked him. Baby had his diapers changed often, revealing a rather adult organ that was very stiff as we powdered his bottom. Ariel & Mika joined Mommy to tease & humiliate Baby J further; mercilessly forcing him to smell their very smelly pungent panties, & feet. Queen showed girls how to play wicked face sitting & smothering ass games. We laughed at our baby boy toy and forced him to cum in his didies.

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(Sampler 9) ( $30.) 1. )"Amazon’s 567 lb. Assimilation of Iron Crotch, 2.) "Iron Balls Collides with the 867 lb. Wrecking Crew",3.) "The Fresh Richie is Taught Manners with Scissors & Pins", 4.) "Super Boys’s Test of Strength with Queen Kong", 5.) "Enorma’s 500 lb Nude Avalanche on slave samson" (nudity),6.) "Kyla’s In the Buff Face Fuck"-,7.) " Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists", 8.) "Avalanche of Ass, Tits, & Trampling Feet, & Drowned in A Golden tidal Wave", 9.) "Mat Man’s Mashacre by Mistress Sharon T", 10.)"In the Nude Squash Mood"-) 11.)"Lady & the Trampoline"- Santana & Bouncy boy,12.) "Death of A Pizza Boy,13.) "Viking Boy’s Defeet",14.) "Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry",15.) "Rug Man’s Demise, 16.)" Simply sitting by Big Bodies Babes", 17.) "Big Buns Bonanza", 18.) "Amazon’s Smothering & Scissoring Orgy, 19.) "520 Delilah Get Sexy" & squashes Samson, 20.) "2nd Annual 10K Facewalk Party tape 1" 10- girls and 9 guys in Queen’s backyard 21.) "2nd Annual 10K Facewalk Party tape 2", 22.) "Mighty Mouse Visits Foot & Thighland" Queen, Eboonique, & Sadie, 23.) "Mikey Licks It All", 24.) "Big Ass Smotherland Smash". 25.) "Titanic Tramplethon I" (1,350 lbs.), 27.) "Royal Ass Subjugation", 28.) "Hooked On Cracks", 29.) "Valkyrie’s Plunder of Viking Boy", 31.) "Double Date Trample From Hell"-, 32.) "Giantess Queen crushes Samson I", 33.) "Giantess Crushes Mighty Mouse", 34.) ""Sexy Sadie’s Footdom" Sadie & tramplee", 35.) " The Bride & the Doomed, 36.) "Princess Rhonda’s Return to Footdom", 37.) "Colossal Squashathon" (1,850 lbs) ,38.) "Domestic Demolition" Queen & Amazon Ariel demolish slave smiley

("Sampler 8") –($25) 2 hours "30" ( 2 hours)- 1. "Women In Black Trample Attack", 2. "530 lb.  Delilah Gets Sexy", 3. "Pantied, Punished, & Sissified", 4. "Big Buns & Feet Bonanza", 5. "Amazon's Smothering & Scissoring Orgy", 6."Goddess In Training", 7."Sexxy Sadie’s Footdom", 8. "Mikey Licks It All", 9. "Mother-In-Law Trample", 10. "Hooked On Cracks", 11." Delilah (520 lb) Crush’s Samson I", 12. "Mighty Mouse Visits Foot & Thighland", 13. "Titanic Tramplethon II",14. "Colossal Squashathon",15. "Delilah’s Monstrous Mash", 16."Big Ass Smotherland & Smash" with complete photo slide show

(Sampler 7) (2 hrs $25.) 1." Mighty Mouse Visits Foot & Thighland" , 2. "Double Date Trample From Hell", "Sadie’s Sexxy Footdom", "Big Ass Smotherland Smash", "5. Giantess Trample Fest",   6. "Mikey Licks It All ", 7. "Taming of Hercules", 8. Savage Wrestling Seduction", 9. "Peep Show withQueen & Princess Mika", 10."Queen Crushes Samson I", 11. "Giantess Smother’s & Lift s Mighty Mouse I",  13. " Stomping Good" with Lady Kathleen"

(Sampler 6)  (2 Hrs) $251. "Titanic Tramplethon II",  2. "Colossal Squashathon",  3. "Slumber Party Trample",  4. "Amazon’s Tie & Tickle Bimbo’s",  5. "Valkyrie’s Plunder of Viking Boy",  6. "Titanic Tramplethon I",  7."Royal Ass Subjugation", 8. 10 K Facewalk party I (98), 9. "Massive Mamas Crush matt", 10. "Delilah’s Monstrous Mash" , 10."5 Card Stomp the Stud", 11. "The Bride & t

("Sampler 5")- ($20) 2 hrs- 1.)"5 Card Stomp the Stud", 2."Bride & The Doomed", 3."Mother In Law Trample",4. "Hooked On Cracks", 5."Black Delilah’s 530 lb. Crush samson I", 6. "Heel Poke Penance", 7."Kamasutra Foot Love", 8."Gang Foot Bang",9. "Stompin & Crushin Boot Camp", 9. "Triple Trample", 10. "Rhonda's Return", 11. "Sister Queen's of Crush", 12. "Foot Stompin Odyssey", 13. "Taming of Hercules", 14. " Taming of Hercules" plus 30 min slide show

( " Sampler 4") ($20)- 2 hr.. 1."Gang Foot Bang", 2. "Stomping & Crushin Boot Camp,3. "Strictly Smothering ", 4." Cupie’s 1st Foot slave", 5. "Sister Queen’s of Crush", 6."Fruit, Furniture & Snail Crush", 7. "Tickling Tinkerbell’s", 8. "Tiny Titans Wrestling School", 9. "Whips & Bondage 101", 10. "Tickle Mika ‘til she Pees", 11. "Triple Trample", 12. "Foot Stompin Odyssey", 13. "Taming of Hercules", 14. "Strictly Foot Fetish", 15."Savage Wrestling Seduction" 16." Queen Crushes Samson I"

Personal Items

  1. PHONE SESSION- $40. For 30 minutes- Explore deepest desires with Worlds greatest verbal sexologist. For an order of $90 or more get a free 15 minute phone session with the Queen. Any subject explored in the imagination.
  2. Panties- $40 Pungently filled with Queen’s or Princess’s aromatic juices - worn all night. Specify bikini, or full. All have cotton crotch’s.