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QN23.) Sister Glamazons's United we Stand, Sit & Twist -Bunny Glamazon & Queen conquer a small man with lifting, smothering & more. Bunny demanded worship, then lifted & threw slave titty bear down brutally. Bunny lay on the floor, wrapped her long restricting thighs around slave's head, & pulled him up over her head bringing him face down on the floor. (Awesome) We both squished our captive on the crush bench. We applied various powerful scissor holds, twisting slave like a pretzel. Bunny spanked his little ass hard over her lap with her big hand, with nice red marks. We compared our arms, heights & shoulder spans. A little bit of everything - Erotic view of Amazon’s at play.


QN22.) PMS Poke Men Severely Syndrome Shelly & Sharon dressed in their most Wicked Leather Bitch outfits were sitting in their private dungeon bitching and complaining about their PMS. They had pre-menstrual syndrome, but there are many different interpretations of PMS; Punish Men Syndrome, Possible Murder Suspect & Poke Men Severely. When a woman has her monthly hormones, there is a frustration & rage in her that must be satisfied somehow. Sharon & Shelly were feeling just plain super Bitchy. They knew that one thing would get them out of their raging funk. They are so addicted to poking their stiletto high heels into the flesh of male slaves that it is synonymous with heroin addiction. They were like vampires looking for a kill, someone’s blood to spill. When they get PMS there is only one thing that will satisfy them, and that is enslaving a man into becoming a human carpet for their trampling feet, & high heels. They wanted to gouge a captive until he cried for mercy. They craved to kidnap a male and break him down to obey their wicked desires. They decided to call a carpet cleaning man whom they had their eye on at the store down the street.


QN20.)Seduce & Rumble Queen Adrena, Gigantess, & Monique, 3 Gigantic & Horny Women went Man Hunting. They decided to kidnap the first male to walk down the street in front of the Temple that night. They hid in the driveway until Goliath came unsuspecting down the street. They emerged grabbing & slamming him hard against the fence. Knocking him out with an ether rag, they dragged him to the front lawn, They threw him down, piling on him, knocking the wind out of him. They drug him inside the house, where they threw him against the wall, delivering butt slams and belly bops, tenderizing his bones to get him ready for his continuing demise. Throwing him on the floor, they scissored his head tightly in their excruciating thighs. They wailed on him with some big butt drops & belly splashes. All 3 women Trampled him repeatedly. They face-sat & smothered slave goliath with 1,160 lbs of breath depriving pressure. They dragged him onto the crush bench where they rode his face raw. They stripped down nude, each using his face for oral service.  Then they Seduced him. They spurted his cock with sexy Tit jobs. Very Sexy & Brutal

QN19.) Smother Plunge  We decided to have some different fun with Viking boy on this day. We brought out our beach ball blown up. We then decided it would be a blast to see if we could make it pop on top of vb’s tummy or cock. We took turns putting our full weight on it to see if it would pop and we would drop full weight on top of him.  There was great anticipation. But it did not pop. The ball finally developed a leak, & flattened on top of Viking boys smashed body. Then Patty wanted to get her cookies off. So we both stripped down to naked, & sat on our body slave on the crush bench. Patty sat on his face and chest, enveloping and engulfing vb’s entire torso and face as she rode him hard and bounced her enormous wide ass cheeks all over his face and chest. There was no room for Queenie to sit along with Patty, so she just grabbed Viking boy’s erect schlong and started stroking it firmly and sensuously. Patty also grabbed his erect tool and played with it. She had a nice orgasm on his face, and he popped his balls for us, ha ha. (45 min)

QN18.) Patty's Avalanche of Ass  550lb Mountain Patty’s demanded that slave samson kiss her “naked” sweet & pungent ass for hours. Samson begged to serve as her complete face fucking chair. He lapped & tongued her ass for hours with his flickering long tongue, probing deep inside her rosebud. She verbally demanded many things. She said; “Slave, spread my cheeks & put your nose on my asshole”, “Now, slave, I’m going to put my asshole on your nose”, “ Sniff Deeper”; “If you’re lucky I will fart on you”. Patty really humiliated samson with severe breath deprivation on her crush bench, smashing him until he PASSED OUT 2 times. She rode his face, smashing his flattened body until she had several orgasms. Then she took him to the bathroom to make him her toilet paper after she peed. Samson was completely Used  & humiliated for her ultimate pleasure. XXXtra delicious and Brutal. 

QN17.) “Trampling 870 lb Tango” Queen wanted her super-size girl friend 550 lb Mistress Monique (aka Patty) to experience some true Trampling Fun & Dominance.  Queen invited her special trample slave “viking boy” over for a thorough trouncing & pulverizing by the Heaviest woman he’d ever felt smash his mortal flesh & bones before. Slave viking boy was excited, he really wanted to feel her amazing weight grind him down to the ground flat as a pancake.  Monique was everything he had hoped for. He could not dream of ever escaping her Titanic trounces and bounces on his back, tummy and face. After demanding some sensuous foot worship and basic sitting on the crush bench, we decided to dance/trample on Viking boy’s body to the tune of our own version of the Tango. Da da, da da, da da da, we smashed him flat. We just had to sit on his face and we applied some creative squashing moves. When Monique is sitting on viking boy, there is no room for anyone else. At the end, we stripped nude for some wild sitting and trampling in the royal buff. Then we rewarded viking boy with a nice foot job. He spurted to the tune of our feet and massaging hands. This is Monique’s first Trample. Excellent tape, Brutal and sensual. (45 min. $45.) 

QN16.) “Giant Mommy’s Humongous Humiliation of baby Teddy” Giantess Queen Mommy Adrena (6’3” 320 lb) captures her young macho boy friend ( 5’6” 130 lb Teddy), & overpowers him with humiliating lessons of becoming an adult baby. The Supreme Queen reduces her male toy to becoming a little baby in diapers. Queen invited her 5’8” 550 lb girl friend Mount Patty to join in the Infantilism fun. Queen & Patty both overpower their small male slave, forcing him to wear diapers & rubber pants. He must crawl around like a teenie little baby, sucking on his pacifier. He’s so afraid of the Big Strong Mommy’s, he might pee his pants. They lift him, showing their Superior strength & power. He becomes more powerless as they rock him in their strong arms. They verbally taunt him, laughing at him. He’s teased about his teenie weenie. They change his diapers, teasing his bare bottom & weenie. He’s forced to suck his thumb, & breastfeed from their Big milk dripping breasts.  We sit on him and smother him as we pour milk over our breasts as we feed him. We spank his bottom over our laps, making him cry.  And we give him a sensuous bath after he stinks up his diapers. (40 min $40.)

 QN15.)“Mount Patty’s 550 lb Love Wrestling ”Queen shared her Love Wrestling techniques with 5’8”, 550 lb. Mount Patty. Titty Bear our small 5’ 6” 125 lb slave was on the menu. Slave tb sucked her toes & soles giving her Deep Foot. Patty demanded licking upon her erect large nipples. Her Gigantic Ass was planted across his tiny body, enveloping him.  Slave tb kissed & massaged the widest pair of hips in the court. (74”) at first.  He couldn’t reach around her. Patty sat on him full weight as her couch, disappearing in her Massive Mounds of Hot Flesh. Titty bear was swallowed deep inside her ass as she bounced & teased, undulating her sexy big hips all over him. Patty & Queen turned him upside down, then slid him deep inside both of their Asses. Mounting forwards & backwards, Patty sucked the air out of his lungs wickedly. It was then time for the Love Wrestling games. Both Glamazon’s belly flopped his tummy. Patty’s Titanic Tummy pounded across his tiny tummy. Queen & Patty traded head scissors & rolling gSeducevine holds. They squeezed his head tightly in their monstrous thigh locks & he begged for mercy. The ultimate Squashing & Smothering Face sitting moves were next. Queen ordered slave titty bear to offer his tongue to her musky hot pink cave between her thighs. Patty was ready to be orally served. Mt Patty straddled his face, sitting forwards & backwards for long periods of face fucking time. She undulated her hips, bouncing up & down in earthquake shattering moves. She finally lay on her back, commanding titty bear “Lick me now! I will lay back & relax while your tongue does all the rest?” She exploded her creamy cooz onto his fluttering serpent tongue. “Sexy orgasm scene” (45 min $40.00)

QN14.)  Mount Patty’s 550lb Smother Cage   Beautiful 550 lb Goddess Patty Captured her slave samson deep in her Gigantic Ass. She caged her human throne in her smothering folds of hot horny flesh for deliciously long periods of dangerous suffocating times. Samson was bewitched. He could think of nothing else save being smashed beneath her Gargantuan Ass & body. He was in heaven & hell at the same time.  His lungs were totally deprived of the oxygen he needed to breathe as she applied the most pressure filled different squashing moves. He thought that it would be divine to die beneath her. The desire to awake in the afterlife inside of her Gorgeous Womb of Power had taken over his senses. It was surrealistic to endure the intoxicating pressure & pain. It was dangerous & exciting all at the same time. He’d never met such a woman before, one who would demand as much out of him as he could offer. This is a most sensual yet brutal smothering.  Mount Patty is sensational!! 40 min

QN13.) Mount Patty's First Squash Slave   Fast Moving & Brutal to the Max!! (35 min.+ close-ups) Queen invited Patty, a 5’ 8” 550 lb beauty to Squash slave samson. Queen guided her through the squashing, & crushing rituals, showing patty how to flatten her man  & truly enjoy the pain & Pressure she was delivering to slave samson. She’s graceful & limber. She happily delivered her smashing smorgasbord of flesh, forcing samson to say “Mercy” as many times as she could. Inch by inch,  slowly she crushed & flattened his body sideways, forwards, & backwards, until he  cried for MERCY !!  Patty enveloped & dominated samson totally. She captivated & controlled her slave with her sensual & dominating Sphere of Power. He almost passed out as Patty crushed his entire body more & more. Queen guided Patty to slowly devour him, intoxicating him with her sensuality as she flattened the wind out of him with her sheer size. Truly Awesome for sure  

 QN12.) Big Bi-Titty Romp  Queen & Melonie rose, ( black beauty 5’ 7”- solid 190 lbs. 44JJJ bust), met for evening romp. It was lust at first site. Melonie's breasts are a wet dream for a breast lover like Queenie.  To be captivated by her femininity & titanic tits was an all time high.  We kissed & fondled one another rapturously. Then, Queen showed Melonie some of her favorite wrestling holds on her slave. They sat on slave titty-bear together. They locked breast to breast in steamy hot romper room play. On the mat, Queen & Melonie rolled all over each other bodies. Eventually squishing titty bear between their hot naked bodies. A bi-sexual romp of delicious decadence. (40 min $30.)

QN11.) Lesbian Fight Club The young naïve Janine couldn’t afford the tuition for pro-wrestling school. So, Queen Kong agreed to accept barter... Pretty little Janine didn’t know Queen wanted to dominate her & use her as her sex slave. Airplane spinning her, Queen slammed her down on the mats. Queen Applied head locks & belly bops, with her big ass bouncing on her tummy & face in different smothering & squashing positions. Tight head & body scissors dominated her, as Queen grabbed her, forcing her to kiss Queen’s big tits. Queen sat on the squealing little girl’s face, riding it extremely hard, totally smothering her. ( 40 min. $30. )

QN10.) "Attack of The Succubus Goddesses" Queen Adrena & Gigantess became enchanted by the Succubus spirits.  They molded & smashed their male drone with Squashing & Smothering rituals. Viking boy served as their bed of flesh as the Gigantic Women smashed him beneath their nude wrestling bodies.  The Succubus forces demanded his mind & body to surrender completely to our smothering asses, muffs & breasts. The Giantess Women Sucked the adoration out of their captive slave and then milked his engorged male tool all over their breasts. (60 minutes- $40.)

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